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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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an officer told shooting. we have the details of how this all happened. >> after a nice fall weekends the mergers are cooling a little bit today but not bad with patchy fog out there, more on that coming up .. >> good morning and thank you for coming by, i am brian hackney. >> i michele griego and the time is 6:00, the commute problems in pleasanton. a fatal accident closed southbound 680, let's go right to elizabeth >> it actually all but pedestrian that was in the roadway, it happened right after 4:00 a.m.. that is when there was a hateful freeway closure of sell about 680. this is a live look where they're letting some cars get by. for the latest lets go to patrick, what is the latest? have they reopen part of the freeway? >> they have reopen the inside lane which is kind of like the inside at the shoulder, to relieve the traffic which was backed up and at a dead stop for
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a good hour, a car and pedestrian accident. pedestrian has since died. at the corner is on the scene, let's look around to show you the traffic coming through, officer daniel hernandez from chp tells us a little bit more. >> approximately 3:30 a.m. we got a call of a pedestrian in the roadway. >> doing what? >> we came to investigate and all we know for sure is the vehicle burst pedestrian and a fatality occurred. >> when will the freeway be open again? >> we're trying to open it as soon as we can get the roadway clear. >> that means that leaves with the victim's body, and open up this freeway, this is a part of the freeway that you want to avoid, it is very backed up, only one lane is open to all this traffic. when it is usually four lanes
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of 60 mi. per hour traffic. reporting from pleasanton, cbs 5. >> if you don't want to get stuck in the back up you can use was down 580, that is where they're the touring a lot of cars to foot hill road and you can use city streets around a stone ridge mall to eventually get back onto the freeway and back onto southbound 680. >> thank you. we are also following breaking news from the east bay this morning, a deadly officer involved shooting. >> cate caugurian in hayward where officers killed the suspect in a shooting at a bar. >> good morning. we are told that this is actually where it all ended, it started at the dirty bar, that is basically a mile away from this location but this is where it ended. we're learning more details as before 1:00 a.m., hayward police got a call about a shooting happened at the dirty bird. the suspect in the shooting fled the scene in what looked like a buick or cadillac and that
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officers in route to the scene found a car similar to that description driving your this intersection at mission. police say than the suspect attempted to back his car into officers and that is when they decided to shoot and kill the suspect. like to mention, this all started with an incident that happened at the dirty bird. police said that witnesses told them the suspect was involved with some kind of fight at the bar, where one person was shot. that beckham suffered non-life threatening injuries, a gunshot wound, and was taken to a local hospital. and i want to make note that the officers involved in the shooting are ok and have been placed on administrative leave. if you're driving your this area near mission, you'll notice a lot of streets blocked off with officers on the scene, the investigation is ongoing, we have seen shatter glass on the road so this will still be going on for quite some time. >> thankyou. today at noon the principal of santa clara elementary school
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will be arraigned on drug charges. alissa harrington tells us about the undercover sting and what police say they found in his home. >> good morning, police say that i found methamphetamine inside of the home and now the 42 year- old eric lewis will be arraigned later on today, he was the principle of mountain view elementary school here in santa clara for the past seven years but now he is on unpaid leave facing drug charges. let's bring up his mug shot. he was busted on friday after allegedly trying to meet up with an undercover officer to either give or sell drugs. police started looking at him after being tipped off that he was into drugs, an undercover officer started chatting him up on a dating site and then said that lewis offered him narcotics. they agreed to meet up at a cow train station where he was busted. a search of his seventh disco home uncovered a quarter ounce of methamphetamine, and drug scales and other pills.
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the santa clara unified school district has put him on leaves and an interim principal in his place. but the news has to be hard for students here as well as their parents. they knew this man simply as mr. lewis, the principal here, and i found website where you can rate teachers, and principals and people were very complimentary of them calling fantastic and saying he was great with kids in very hands on here, got involved with everything happening at the school. so this must be shocking for the people that knew him simply as their principal. one report also said that lewis was very well regarded by the rest of the school district. lewis was booked into santa clara county jail and a scheduled to be arraigned later on today. i also went to the school website to find out confirmation about him but could not find him anywhere on the website so it looks like over the weekend someone was cleaning that up and taking his name off of the schools website. in santa clara, cbs 5. >> a man accused of trying to kidnap a 9 year-old girl in san
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mateo is under arrest. police believe the 25 year-old from san francisco assaulted the girl on friday afternoon at her side elementary school in san mateo. allegedly taking her a short distance but the girl kicked him, escaped, and ran back to the school. he has been linked to similar incidents at two other public schools in san mateo. >> san fransisco police will hold a town hall meeting this morning but a recent officer involved shooting. some mission district businesses spent part of the week in cleaning up after two days of vandalism. the vandals also hit cars, in the mission district police station. the town hall meeting about the shooting will be a cornerstone church, 2459 17th st.. meeting scheduled to start at 11:30 a.m.. >> chevron oil refinery in richmond is the focus of a criminal probe by the federal government. investigators are trying to determine if chevron intentionally used a pipe to bypass a device that monitors air pollutants.
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the bay area air quality management district for saw something the suspicious two years ago and since then the local agency reviews surveillance camera images and determine the monster had been bypassed 27 times in the previous four years. >> we will never know the emissions level during these events, which is serious. >> now the u.s. environmental protection agency is involved, chevron in an email response to cbs 5 said that the issues were resolved last year in a settlement with local regulators. the epa investigation is not related to last month's fire at the same chevron refinery but that fire is the focus of a community meeting tonight. set for 6:00 at richmond memorial auditorium. >> a little bit of a change of the season over the weekend and no better man to talk about that then the emmy award winning lawrence karnow. >> around the bay area some low
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clouds and fog to start you off this morning, a little thick as you approach the coastline, it looks like it will clear out and be a very nice fall day outside as it looks like that low will make its way east but a sign of things to come as that jet stream will attract further and further to the south. before long we will be talking about rain but not today. '40's and '50's in the bay area. by the afternoon we will enjoy lots of sunshine, '60s and '70s in the bay and '50s and '60s out to the coast. back to you. >> to oakland raider fans were hit by a high-voltage power line during their tailgate party. please recall to the coliseum around 9:00 yesterday, ithey were trying to raise a flag pole and did not realize that a power lawn was directly above them. alcohol may have been a factor. >> three new laws on pipeline safety have been signed by gov.
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jerry brown. all bills were signed yesterday, one requires the state public utilities commission to adopt the standards of the ntsb, another is designed to ensure that utilities don't cut corners on maintenance. a third law requires the public utilities commission gives them the enhanced power to levy fines. >> now in the race for the white house, president obama and mitt romney back on prime-time television, both men appeared on 60 minutes last night, mitt romney responded to criticism that he has been too vague about his plans for the country. >> if you want to work together with people across the aisle, you lay out your principals in your policy, you work together with them but you do not hand them a complete document in say " take this or leave this ". >> as for the economic plans that he has revealed, the president says they simply will not work. >> he seems to only one note, tax cuts for the wealthy, and rolling back regulations as a
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recipe for success. >> meanwhile controversy over his taxes are a part of a new obama's campaign advertisements. >> including veterans, elderly, the disabled, he will not release his tax returns i before 2010, >> @ mitt romney says that distorts his position and they are a big reason why he is trailing in polls in battleground states. >> in world news this morning the taleban has released a video that they say shows and surgeons preparing for an attack on a nato base earlier this month. that attack killed two marines and destroyed six fighter jets. u.s. media have not been able to verify the authenticity of the footage. the video shows men wearing u.s. army uniforms as the practice cutting through a chain-link fence and charging through the opening. leaders from around the world are now in new york for the start of the united nations general assembly, among the topics that will come to tackle, the civil war in syria and tension over the nuclear program
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in a run and a silent protest in much of the muslim world after a defense video. new information about a chinese factory that has been closed because of a brawl. the fight involved a couple thousand workers at a dormitory and lasted about 10 hours. the plant with 79,000 employees is closed for a least one day, it is owned by fox, technology group, the company that makes the iphone. it is one of the factory's products. >> a $1 billion verdict in the case against samsung? not enough for apple. last month a jury found that samsung ripped off apple technology and now that company wants an additional 700 million in damages and interest. samsung meanwhile wants a new trial. both companies have filed legal paperwork with those demands. the time is 6:11 a.m., hurricane katrina survivor is reunited
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you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> green bay will not play in seventh disco this week as planned. >> after the bay area band announced that a front man is going into rehabilitation. the announcement comes after armstrong had this public meltdown at a las vegas concert at an old and smashing a guitar and ranting on stage, something
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you never see at a concert, the band is also cancelling promotional appearances for the new album. >> he was angry but a lot of rock stars smash their guitars? >> what is the latest on traffic? >> it has been a big mess, we spoke to chp about this fatal accident in pleasanton, southbound lanes of 680. they told us that it will continue to let cars get by on the center divide. that is what you're looking at live there, the accident was reported just before 4:00 a.m. as a pedestrian was in the roadway. that estrin was killed so the investigation continues. the corner on scene and towing crew on scene but unfortunately still do not have a real estate in time when they will completely reopen the roadway. but to the maps. was down 580 is really backing
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up, because of the lanes closed on southbound 680. you can use out of 680 to get by on the center divide but otherwise you can use west from 580 as 40 tore and use that foot hill road off ramp, they are the touring cars that way, use the city streets around that area and you can get back on south about 680 from there. in the meantime is still pretty backed up and this is what it is doing to your drive time, 40 minutes right now and those westbound lanes already said this is busy for the some of the morning. very heavy traffic through livermore as well. elsewhere, 883 oakland is not to bad and that is a live look at the upper deck of the bay bridge. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, they turned the metering lights on, so far so good in the fast track lanes but we will start to see delays growing, jamming up on the first over crossing, that is a check of your time saver traffic, for more on your forecast here is warrants. >> looking ok on this monday
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morning with patchy fog outside but otherwise a lot of sunshine coming this afternoon. chilly in the north bay valleys, '50s elsewhere by the afternoon, skies looking mostly sunny except for read at the coastline, some lingering patches of fog. the measures in the '50s and '60s there, 60s and if you seventies instead of the day and even 80s showing up in some of the valleys. if you plan on travelling, looking good so far, patchy fog at sfo and plenty of sunshine around the state. some trouble spots in denver with a possible thunderstorms, 92 and partly cloudy to houston and 70 degrees in chicago and also into new york. it looks like an area of low pressure making its way east out, some high clouds this weekend with temperatures cooler than what we had over the weekend but not bad. numbers warming up my sleeve to san jose, 81 @ morgan hill and 73 in hayward and 80s in many spots in land, seventies through the delta as the breeze will blow this afternoon.
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72 in oakland and 65 in san fransisco and 82 degrees and sunny in santa rosa. we will watch the image of warm up slowly, maybe back into the '90s as we head through thursday and friday. >> 19 minutes after 6:00 a.m., and the story of a not so sweet sixteens birthday party. an invitation on facebook when viral and an entire town in the netherlands tel the results. hundreds of police were called to the small town where a 16 year-old girl had a birthday party, thousands of people showed up, many of them became violent and cars were set on fire and businesses vandalized. 36 people were hurt and there were 34 arrests. in some unfortunate news, the panda cub born last week at the smithsonian national zoo has died. zoo officials were alerted when they heard the mother pandects growling in distress. veterinarian said the cut was unresponsive to cpr and other measures, the cubs mother is
6:20 am
very upset, officials are watching her to make sure that she eats. a preliminary cause of death is expected later today, officials say the couple appeared to be in good condition after birth. the time out for two minutes after 6:00, a dilemma for dog lovers over colostomy found pet. >> a woman adopted a dog was in the shelter after hurricane katrina. recently a 15 year-old dog wandered off, but was found again after a neighbor saw a story on the news. >> it was amazing for the neighbor to come over and say that she saw shorty on television. i was excited. but concerned. >> here's the problem, authorities scanned a microchip implanted in the dog and then contacted the original owners who say that they can now afford to take the dog back. so who does the dog go to? >> the dog has been there since hurricane katrina? >> it was in hurricane katrina
6:21 am
and someone adopted him seven years ago but then someone up to him and he wandered off, and the second owner did not know that there was a microchip implanted in the dog. anyway the second owner is being good about saying it was the original owner that lost everything in the hurricane, they should have that dog back. >> the miracle that microchip. 21 minutes after 6:00, how did the forty-niners and up with a loss in minnesota? >> it could have been a miracle comeback, the lio,,,,,,,,
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>> we're learning that there is a magnitude 2 earthquake east of milpitas. probably in the same vicinity as
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the alum rock earthquake of 2007 and that magnitude 5.6, five years ago was the biggest earthquake at the time and this is on the calaveras fault. >> you cannot feel a magnitude two? >> no but it is a reminder that there's no bigger threat in the bay area, then earthquakes. the magnitude 2.0. on to sports? >> yes, the oakland a's start a four game series in texas tonight, trailing the rangers by four games for the division lead. clifton pennington had three hits in new york including a two run home run. grant belfour got the save as the a's beat the yankees and stay in the wild-card race. most of the giants' regular spot to rest yesterday after they clinched the division saturday night. but in the ninth buster posing pinch hit with the bases loaded and grounded out but drove in his 98th run of the year. san diego beat san fransisco 6/4 and the giants have today off.
6:26 am
the oakland raiders won their first game of the 2012 nfl season. >> perrin mcfadden 64 yd touchdown tying the game at 7 and the raiders went on to beat the pittsburgh steelers in the high scoring affair in oakland 34/31. not so good news for the 49ers to suffer their first loss of the season in minnesota. the vikings quarterback frustrated the 49ers defence, minnesota went on to a 24/13 win. ladies and gentlemen, today is play of the day, the detroit lions down 7 to the tennessee tie-ins with 70 seconds left to play and that is when the backup quarterback through a hail mary pass, sending the game into overtime. and they lost the game. but that pain was eased when they learned that they earned the coveted player of the day. >> i bet that they're very happy. >> it is 26 minutes after the hour. you have not felt an earthquake
6:27 am
get? >> bay area principal under the oain trouble with a .. >> official accident closed southbound 680, the alternate routes you should take. >> i suspect shot and killed in an officer involved shooting in hayward. ,,,, -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit
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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning, september 24th. >> timeout is 630 am and lanes are opening up on southbound 680 where a pedestrian was killed.
6:31 am
>> we just saw them pick up a flare's a few minutes ago, a live look at southdown 680 near stone ridge in pleasanton. let's go live to patrick, have a completely reopened the freeway? >> they finally opened it, does started taking it down five minutes ago. traffic built up to midway rode on 580 soda still backed up that there but as of now the lanes are open. they were close after 3:45 a.m. after a car/pedestrian fatal accident that has since been cleared and all lanes are now open, so if you can find an alternate route, use it. but this traffic is starting to go. >> check out alive traffic centers in the area, very slow right now still on south down 680 and was down 580 jammed up solid.
6:32 am
this is a very slow and go from tracy all the way out to the dublin area. that is it live look closer. coming up we will give you drive times around the area, in the meantime back to you guys. >> we do have more breaking news that we're following in the east bay. >> hayward police investigating a deadly officer involved shooting and cate caugurian is in hayward where a shooting suspect was killed overnight. >> good morning. we are actually at the location. we know that the shooting occurred at mission. to give us more details we're joined now from hayward police lt. roger keener. could you recap the details of what happened? >> about four minutes before 1:00 a.m. a hayward police department received multiple 9 1 1 calls about a shooting that occurred at the dirty bird lounge just south of us here on mission boulevard. part of the original description
6:33 am
provided by the people who called 9 1 1 was that vehicle description. officers saw a vehicle matching the description on westbound mission boulevard. and they moved behind the vehicle. in an attempt to speak to the driver. the driver quickly responded by reversing his vehicle towards the officers. the officers, seeing the deadly force being used against them responded in kind with deadly force. in order to stop his actions. >> anyone else injured? what about the officers involved in the shooting? >> yes there was one person who was shot at the dirty bird lounge. that person was treated and released for non-life threatening injuries. the officers were not injured as a result of this incident. >> and so i am assuming an investigation will continue on throughout the day? >> yes, there is an ongoing investigation, we are analyzing any videotape that might be
6:34 am
available to us as well as talking to all witnesses. officers will be interviewed shortly. >> thank you so much for joining us, now we're learning a basic overview of what happened and an investigation will continue into this officer involved shooting, they intend to be out here at least until the afternoon. >> thank you. today an elementary school principal will make his first court appearance to face drug sale charges. alyssa harrington in santa clara with more on what police say they found in his home. >> police say they found a quarter ounce of methamphetamine inside of his san fransisco home and now the 42 year-old eric lewis who has been the principal here at montague elementary in santa clara for seven years, is on on paid leave facing those drug charges. let's pull up his mug shot. the arrest happened on friday following an undercover investigation. lewis will be arraigned today in santa clara superior court.
6:35 am
police started investigating louis after getting a tip that he was involved with drugs. investigators started chatting with him on a dating website and said that lowest offered him narcotics. they agree to meet up at a caltrans station and that is where the bus happened. investigators searched his san fransisco home and found methamphetamine and g h b and other pills. he was booked into jail on suspicion of having methamphetamine for sale and offering to furnish narcotics. the arrest comes as a big surprise to students, their parents, and staff in the school district. kids know their principle simply as mr. lewis and he was very well-liked. i found some website where you can break teachers and schools and many people, saying that he was great with kids and very involved in everything that was happening at the school. we just had the weekend and kids will be coming back this morning and it will be interesting to see how the school speaks to them about it, or if they will at all. >> there is a town hall meeting
6:36 am
today to address last week's police shooting in the seventh disco mission district. police will hold a town hall meeting at 11:30 a.m.. some businesses and part of the week and cleaning up after two days of vandalism. the vandals also hit cars, and the mission district police station. >> i'm just wondering how far this is going to go, just like everyone else who lives around here, just worry about how far they will take this. >> the process started thursday night after police shot a man that they sampled a pistol on them. the man is expected to live. the town hall meeting will take place 1130 am at the corner stone church. >> in two hours a homeless encampment in san fransisco is expected to be cleared for the second time. it is located near the caltrans station at fourth and king streets. a fire broke out at the site wednesday, the city has since notified the dozen people living there that they had to leave. most say that they were promised rooms by the city but that
6:37 am
things did not pan out. >> it is 6:36 a.m. and let's take a look at weather. it is feeling a little bit like autumn and >> we had a few high clouds, usually this is the time of year when we get the nice weather in the bay area, patchy fog this morning, some of your school and parts of the north bay valley. some '40's showing up pin some of the north bay valets. the blue on the screen is a computer model picking up on cooler temperatures over some of the mountaintops. '50s elsewhere and then as we head through the afternoon expecting mostly sunny skies and 81 in morgan hill, one of the warmer spots in the south bay. east bay centers in the mid 80s and warmer sections and as you make your way inside of the bay, 65 degrees in san fransisco and 72 in oakland and 67 degrees in sausalito, back to you. >> a return to prime time for president obama and republican challenger mitt romney. both men appeared last night on
6:38 am
60 minutes. mitt romney had this to say about criticism that his plans for the nation are vague ... >> if you want to work together with people across the aisle, you lay out your principles and policy and work together with them but you do not hand them a complete document as a " take- it-or-leave-it ". >> as for the economic plans that he has revealed, the president says that they simply will not work. >> he seems to only have one note, tax cuts for the wealthy, and rolling back regulations as a recipe for success. >> meanwhile the controversy over the taxes of mitt romney is part of a new campaign advertisements. >> including veterans, elderly and the disabled, he will not release his tax returns before 2010, instead of attacking others, maybe he should come clean on his? >> mitt romney says that those ads distort his position and are a big reason why he is trailing in the polls and battleground states. >> former gov. arnold
6:39 am
schwarzenegger talking about his upcoming book and the end of his marriage with maria shriver. he spoke to 60 minutes. >> i think that's gloria is, you know, wishing me well. with everything that i do. >> has she read this? >> no. at this and she has not read anything. >> a preview of the interview can be seen on 6cbs this morning coming up at 630 1 is that apple's stock dropping? >> we will find out. and it was the evening for tv to shine. who got the coveted gold statue? >> the market opened up 10 minutes ago let's check on the early numbers, how's it looking? not too good. we will have an update,, [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born
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>> san fransisco politician getting heat and attack ads in another state and california bashing continues on the campaign trail. melissa griffin joins us now, let's start with nancy pelosi, a common target in political ads this election? >> i was in ohio for work last week and everything is a political ad because it is a swing state but there are also congressional races that are happening and lo and behold one of the ads that came up was an advertisement that uses nancy pelosi as a target against that the sudden, a democrat running for congress. >> all told she voted with nancy pelosi 99% of the time and counting . a in washington, she works for policy, not a high ... >> so basically saying that she votes like nancy pelosi?
6:44 am
>> she is a democrat, is not the craziest thing that she votes like a party leader, i guess demonizing nancy pelosi is just saying that she is a democrat, who votes like a democrat. so i don't know if they forgot to photoshopped horns on or or what ever for that video but it was extraordinarily something to see, on npr they were interviewing of someone from this we states about the abundance of political attack ads and she said " i long for the days of drug commercials " >> speaking of nancy pelosi, she made some predictions? >> the political equivalent of pointing to the left field from home plate, on friday she said that the democrats have a 60 percent chance of retaking the house of representatives, that is an extraordinary thing to say because that would require that democrats picked up 25 seats in the house. most political analysts say that democrats can count on about a dozen but having said that, she's out there fund-raising's optimism is important.
6:45 am
the other thing she said was that obama is going to win big and also " i don't think there is any way on the face of the earth that mitt romney wins the presidency ". so, very bold predictions for nancy pelosi. >> we will see how it pays off. why do so many politicians- california? >> the law thus, they need us, but they bash us. mitt romney was in california on saturday, for a big defense, in beverly hills and bel market rally was there he was talking about obama and said that obama is leading america to a european style economic collapse and said europe does not work there and it will not work here, it is possible we could be on the past week to become " california ". he is so concerned apparently about our economy that he got $6 million while he was here. i mean, this is the thing, they passed california.
6:46 am
sometimes in their speeches in makes it sound like california is its own country? >> with their own currency that they're happy to take. but they just love the atm status. and a or paul ryan had been here as well, hanging out in mountain view a couple of weeks ago, the republicans are certainly not the only ones, brought obama will be here on october 80 will be in san fransisco doing a big bash at the bill gramm auditorium. the musical guests have not been announced but he will also be los angeles doing a big bash at the nokia theater on october 7th and katy perry has already agreed to perform. >> it is always a pleasure, you can find more of her sentence on >> thank you. apple in the news this morning, not selling as many iphones as expected and losing production time at a factory in china. jason brooks is here, how many
6:47 am
of these things do they have to sell before they are happy? >> apple is a victim of its own success, yet analysts that are just having while the expectations for the company, they sold more than 5 million in the first three days, that is 1 million more than they did last year but we had calls for a least 6 million to be sold and upwards of eight and 10 million iphones. that is the kind of thing that pushes their stock up into these territories around $700. that figure coming in lower. but still a very generous number. there are other issues for apple regarding their factory in china. a riot involving up to a few thousand workers, lots of injuries. the plant shut down so there are worries about a possible production issue that could affect apple and a lot of other companies. their shares are down 1%, back under $700. tivo doing very well this morning after settling a patent
6:48 am
case with verizon over d v r technology. verizon will pay them $250 million including an upfront payment of $100, and that has the stock moving higher. at their stock had fallen over the past six months but let's look at the market right now which is also heading lower this morning. the dow off by 47 points and the nasdaq down 20, the s&p giving up six points, tivo at the moment is up almost 5% and apple down 1.5%. back to you. >> what triggered the problems at the factory? >> i think that they're still looking into that. there has been a lot of wage issues at that factory, working conditions. this is something that we're starting to see more of in china as workers get a little bit more in a way of economic vitality than have had in the past but they still want to see more. a lot of u.s. manufacturers doing business over there. >> thank you. >> 6:48 a.m. and let's check on the weather.
6:49 am
>> looking good outside, patchy fog to start, as monday morning but as we head to the afternoon here comes that sunshine. some pitchers a little bit cooler than what we had over the weekend. an area of low pressure moving north and east of us helping to keep the temperatures down a little bit. after that high pressure begins to build back in. cool in the north bay valets. some pettifog inside of the bay and out to the coastline. by the afternoon looking for sunshine, will not have to look far, mostly sunny skies and warm weather extending into the valleys, i think that as we make the way around the state plan to sunshine, 80 degrees in sacramento and 98 in fresno. and 73 degrees in lake tahoe. high-pressure waiting to build and after this low kicks to the east and that rich will build back in and centers should slowly warm-up for the better part of the week. number's not going to be bad as we head into the afternoon. 81 in morgan hill and 62 in pacific up with east bay temperatures in the mid 80s at the warmest us well and said of
6:50 am
the they will find 60s and services concern to an oakland and 82 degrees in santa rosa. we heat things up slowly for the next couple days and start talking about nineties and beautiful fall weather as we head through thursday and friday. >> the problem spot continues to be the dublin interchange. much better news on south about 680 as all lanes are open. after that early morning fatal accident involving a pedestrian. very slow. especially on was down 580 where it was jammed up solid from 2053 livermore. the drive time almost one hour between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. and once again, we continue to watch breaking news out of the east bay where there was an officer involved shooting. a deadly shooting, closed for a good stretch between mission boulevard and pacific. we will take a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the meeting lights have been on since 6:15 a.m.. it is jammed up for a 50 minute wait. that is or traffic and weather
6:51 am
together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> time now for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning. charlie rose is joining us from new york. >> good morning. ahead, arnold schwarzenegger on his explosive new autobiography, he talks about his affair and child with a longtime family employee. here's a preview of her 60 minutes interview, and new genetic findings that could totally changed doctors understanding of breast cancer. we will ask one of the nation's top breast cancer surgeons what this means for treatment and finding a cure. that and more, when we see you at 7:00. >> again, that starts at 7:00. >> and the big stars in television cannot for the 64th annual primetime emmy awards last night. >> cbs took home 16 awards, the most among the broadcast networks. john crier, the 2 1/2 men star won an emmy award for a lead actor in a comedy. homeland took home the emmy for
6:52 am
best drama series well modern family took the stage for best comedy. log onto for a slide show all of the stars. >> you can probably get a complete list of the fashion to. >> 6:52 a.m. and coming up we have a final check of your top stories. >> good news for drivers, all lanes of 680 back open but why you still might want to avoid that area, coming up. that [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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standard at citibank. mobile check deposit. >> a stretch of interstate 680 is now open again after being shut down for a few hours this morning in pleasanton. a happened after a car struck and killed a pedestrian near stone bridge drive at 3:30 a.m.. it is not clear why the victim had been walking out on the freeway. following breaking news from the east bay, a deadly police shooting early this morning. >> cate caugurian in hayward where the incident began with a shooting at a bar. >> we are also at the location now on mission where we hear this is where it all ended, officers say they spotted a car matching the description they
6:56 am
had and they attempted to make contact with the suspect and that is when officers say the suspect packed the car into officers and the officers on the scene said that i saw this as a use of deadly force and then they shot at the car, killing the suspect. the suspect was reportedly involved in a shooting at the dirty bird bar where a victim suffered non-life threatening gunshot wound and now an investigation will begin and we can expect roads to be blocked for the next three or four hours. >> thank you. at noon today the principal of santa clara elementary school will be in court to face drug sales charges. police arrested eric lewis on friday and he has now been suspended from his job after investigators say that i found methamphetamine and other suspicious items in his house. an undercover agent met him on eight gay dating website and arrange to meet him at a caltrans station. >> 6:56 a.m. let's check on
6:57 am
weather and traffic. a nice weekend? >> a great we can with temperatures cooling a little bit today but not by much. fog and cloud cover to start you off this morning but by the afternoon we are looking good as we see plenty of sunshine outside, a little cool and spots in the north bay valley, some valets in the '40's, '50's elsewhere. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon with temperatures in the '80s. '60s and '70s inside of the bay. the next couple of days we will slowly warm things up and start to talk about 90s with beautiful sunshine in the valleys thursday and friday. >> early this morning the traffic story was the freeway closure on 680, all lanes are once again back open but unfortunately the damage is done. if you're commuting westbound, very heavy traffic and heavy fog as well. difficult to see. for the dublin/pleasanton area. nearly an hour drive time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. elsewhere, thick fog this
6:58 am
morning across the golden gate bridge, chp issued a dense fog advisory, and we are also getting word coming into the newsroom that northbound 101 in sausalito, an accident involving a motorcycle. so lanes may be blocks there. >> when you cut open and onion the result is often tears but in this case the tears are for sentimentality. >> how do i follow that? the purple onion is going to close tonight when as its lease expire. a long history that includes comedy legends like robin williams and woody allen and phyllis diller. dekalb plans to hold a comedy marathon today so if you want to check it out for the last time, now is your chance. >> that is going to do it, two minutes before 7:00, we appreciate you coming by, your next local news update at 7:25 a.m.. >> cbs this ,,,,
6:59 am
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